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Profium Sense is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered graph database. It provides logic reasoning capabilities which make your data even smarter by algorithmically computing new connections to your data.
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Rule engine
Profium Sense Rule Engine is a proven Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine to evaluate logical rules. Reasoning algorithm takes place as forward chaining inference where all inferred metadata is materialized during insertion time, making no performance implications to information retrieval or query processing.
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Profium Sense™ Context Aware Services application is the smartest way to provide better services based on location, need and intent.
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Content Based Routing
Profium Sense supports CBR by allowing you or your customers to reliably and quickly receive the realtime content they are interested in. Sense provides a graphical user interface for editing routing rules.
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Semantic web
Profium Sense uses semantic web technology to better understand the context of a search. Technologies such as JSON-LD, Resource Description Framework (RDF) and Web Ontology language (OWL) are used make information understandable to computers so that they can act on that information.
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Semantic search
Profium Semantic Search goes beyond keywords by understanding the user’s intent and context to help you make better decisions and automate routines. Compared to traditional searches, Semantic search takes into account the context of search, location and the intent of queries to provide relevant search results.
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What our customers say about PROFIUM SENSE™

Profium Sense allows us to configure new digital products in real time. Profium Sense is a proven semantic inference engine and we use it in our global operations.
Jérôme Jaroussie, CIO, AFP

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