Espoo. September 3rd, 2009

Profium announced today the general availability of its Metadata Server (MDS) software product version 5.0.
The new release includes support for advanced ontology and rules based reasoning as well as new features in Geographics Information Systems (GIS) and multi-facet search areas.

Geosemantic Web

Metadata Server now allows users to execute queries against MDS with coordinates in addition to semantic query primitives. This allows MDS to return users with content that matches with the place and other constraints of the application domain. For example, media companies can now use MDS to enable location sensitive news services where their customers can tune into news from the area of their interest. This could be their home community or a future vacation resort. Crisis management will equally benefit from such queries as critical help could be sought from resources close by to a disaster area that satisfy a capability such as ‘can-transport-human-beings’.

No more ‘0 hits’

Finally, multi-facet search raises the bar for metadata based search by allowing the users to narrow the search space down with each click on the search UI. This makes sure the users of multi-facet queries with Profium MDS never experience the ‘0 hits’ experience.

Profium delivers software solutions for rich digital content management by leveraging the latest Semantic Web technologies. Profium’s software solutions serve various industries, providing for multimedia archiving, centralized metadata management and cross-media publishing. Founded in 1996, Profium is headquartered in Finland with North American operations located in California. Profium is a member of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), the main international standards organization for the World Wide Web, and plays an active role in developing new standards for the industry.


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