Press release – November 12 2013

Profium today announced the availability of a white-label mobile application for Profium Context-Aware Services.

Ympäristöni’ (My Environment in English) is now available in Finnish Apple Store and it demonstrates the capabilities of Profium Context-Aware Services which enable proactive information services. You can download the application with iTunes.

The platform is equipped with dynamic user profiles which are linked with data sources via smart ontologies. These ontologies produce links to relevant information, keeping the user up-to-date with things that are important to her. As a demonstration of the service logic, the application now contains the basic public security alert feed (112) connected with common citizen profile.

Information finds you is our slogan that nicely articulates the value proposition of Profium Context-Aware Services. Users no longer need to be active in looking for information which would impact their health or cause damage to their valuable assets. For example, parents can be notified of accidents nearby their children’s schools. The mobile app delivers the relevant information with an escalation path i.e. a problem solving element to the users of such a service,” comments Profium CEO Janne Saarela.

Profium is looking for brand owners to make use of the Profium white labeled offering in their current or future consumer services.

For more information please contact:

Janne Saarela, CEO, Profium
janne.saarela (at)
Mobile +358 40 508 4767