Espoo 1.10.2008.
Jari Vänttinen (39) is Profium’s new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). His main responsibility is the implementation of product roadmaps in R&D projects.

Mr. Vänttinen has graduated from Lappeenranta University of Technology in 1993. After graduation he joined Sonera where he gained almost ten years experience in communication engineering and held several positions in developing and managing telecommunications software and services. Past seven years Jari has worked with data security and public authorities in SecGo and Insta DefSec as chief technology officer.

Mr. Vänttinen joined Profium in the autumn of 2008. At Profium he can exploit his skills with semantic technologies which he knows since his position with Sonera. Mr. Vänttinen sees the technology has taken a significant leap and is now available in products which are applied in various sectors. Efficient metadata management, the ability to attach semantics to data and service descriptions and inference capabilities allow to extract more value from ICT investments. In addition they allow us to innovate new solutions to information integration which have previously failed due to differences in concepts and data formats to be integrated. “We are in the process of shaping Profium product offering in a form where users can more easily focus on content”, Mr. Vänttinen comments the near-future plans.