Espoo 2.2.2009.
Profium announced today that its NASDAQ-OMX adapter of the News Product has been verified to operate correctly with production data. The new distribution mechanism GENIUM was launched today and it delivers real-time data about equity and derivative trading at NASDAQ-OMX exchanges to customers. Profium’s adapter allows reliable reception of real-time trading data and company Disclosures in Profium News for further publishing and routing.

“People who deal with real-time financial information do not tolerate delays nor interruptions in information access. Our product has been designed to meet with high-performance processing requirements and ability to recover automatically from network failures.”, comments Profium CEO Janne Saarela.

“We have been able to depend on Profium’s software since 1996 when we were the 1st company in Finland to publish real-time trading information on the Web. GENIUM implementation has been on the same level quality as the previous releases which means our customers have had continuous access to trading data without any downtime.”, comments Tomi Vainio from Kauppalehti Online.