Profium incorporates industry-leading ontological reasoning into its Semantic Web content management solutions

High performance inference reasoning technology enables runtime adaptation to fast changing business rules and environments

SAN JOSE, CA, June 17, 2009
Profium Ltd., an internationally recognized pioneer in the area of the Semantic Web, announced at the Semantic Technology Conference in San Jose the incorporation of high-performance ontological reasoning into its metadata and content management products, which brings unprecedented dynamic runtime adaptability to its customers for whom agility and rapid response times are critical.

Profium and Ontotext have partnered to bring Ontotext’s industry and benchmark-leading OWLIM inference functionality to Profium’s metadata and content management products: Profium Metadata Server, Profium Digital Archive, Profium News and Profium Media Solution. Users of these products can quickly change the rules by which content is integrated with various stakeholders such as Web sites, partners’ services and other IT systems without the need to rewrite their applications.

In today’s business environment, enterprises need real-time information as their activities, systems and capabilities must respond to and reconfigure content/services in order to stay in sync with increased customer demands. Profium’s new dynamic reasoning capability not only supports greatly improved enterprise agility with rapid response to changes in supplies, resources or business rules, but also the exploration of “what-if” business opportunities in the real world.

Any enterprise that deals with rapidly changing data sets, or the potential interruption of resources: supply chain, information services, media, medical, crisis or emergency management, including military and defense—can benefit from this capability to dynamically adapt to changes in their operational environment. An emergency response service, for example, could receive information about an interruption service, and almost instantly evaluate the availability and suitability of alternatives, then modify their response: all without the need to change how the integration of databases is handled.

The 2009 Semantic Technology Conference is being held June 14-18 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, California. The fifth annual conference is presented by Semantic Universe, a joint venture of Wilshire Conferences, Inc. and Semantic Arts, Inc.

Profium delivers software solutions for rich digital content management by leveraging the latest Semantic Web technologies. Profium’s software solutions serve the news and media publishing industries, providing for multimedia archiving, centralized metadata management and cross-media publishing. Founded in 1996, Profium is headquartered in Finland with North American operations located in California. Profium is a member of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), the main international standards organization for the World Wide Web, and plays an active role in developing new standards for the industry.


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