San Francisco/Espoo – June 5, 2012

Profium today announced the availability of its new software product portfolio at the annual Semantic Technology & Business Conference (SemTechBiz) in San Francisco.

Profium Sense is context-aware content management platform product with four preconfigured shipping applications. These applications are Context-Aware Services, Digital Asset Management, Situation Awareness, and Content Based Routing. Profium Sense is a proven product based on 10 years of history of working at the intersection of demanding customer requirements for metadata management solutions and the latest innovations in semantic technologies. Sense provides market-leading performance for environments where updates are frequent and allow end-users to make better informed decisions by having access to timely and relevant information.

  • Context-Aware Services encode user profiles which are matched with incoming content streams in real-time and by doing so enable proactive information services. These services can be operated by, for example, mobile operators to provide environmental alerts to their subscribers.
  • Digital Asset Management encodes rich semantic metadata about digital assets and provides ontology-driven interfaces for contextual annotation and accurate search. Image banks, memory organizations, legal departments and marketing agencies benefit from these features.
  • Situation Awareness visualizes customer’s business context with different views such as maps and allows proactive decision making by organizations such as public safety/first responder units.
  • Content Based Routing allows accurate and reliable information delivery to customers. For example, rapid news delivery by news agencies to their b2b customers provides a value added service in supporting such capabilities.

“We are witnessing significant pull for such semantic capabilities in the marketplace, and with our preconfigured applications, we can deliver their business value faster than competition. We are demonstrating some of these business benefits with two of our customers AFP and Cubio at the San Francisco conference (June 4th-6th, 2012).”, comments Profium CEO Janne Saarela.

Profium’s customer base consists of local and global media brands, telecom operators and public sector organizations.

For more information please contact:

Janne Saarela, CEO / Profium Oy Ltd, janne.saarela (at)
Tel. +358 40 508 4767