Walnut Creek, California, USA and Espoo, Finland. June 8th, 2010.

Semantic Technology Conference 2010 is the world’s largest, most authoritative conference on semantic technology for enterprise computing professionals. The conference covers every major technology and application area in this exciting growthmarket.

“We have been participating in this event since the very beginning”, said Janne Saarela Founder and CEO of Profium. “The early adopter phase is now transitioning into mainstream applications and leaders from a broad spectrum of industries are now picking entry points to evolve their IT operations to an environment where information needs are fused from various internal and external data sources to deliver new adaptive business services.”

2010 Semantic Technology Conference will be held on June 21 – 25, in San Francisco, California.
For more details please visit: http://semtech2010.semanticuniverse.com/

If you wish to meet with Profium during the event, please get in touch with
Profium VP, Sales and Marketing Mr. John Carlisle
by email at john dot carlisle at profium dot com

SemTech 2010