Profium Sense™ Digital Asset Management application lets you find, share and use different types of content easily.

Sense™ provides an easy to use Web-based user interface. It supports Digital Asset Management workflows by allowing users to import content via automated and manual input processes. Such information may include the contents of online shops, collections, the company’s own archives, entertainment content, image databases and portals. These configurable workflows allow your organisation to adhere to compliance and your own quality processes.


Profium Sense™ supports Digital Asset Management (DAM) workflows by allowing users to import content via automated and manual input processes. You can have your content described by industry standard schemes such as IPTC or XMP with the ability to configure it to your in-house vocabularies. Sense provides a Web based interface to quickly find, share and use the content in new products both in print or digital.

Digital Asset Management extends the core capabilities of Sense with digital asset persistency, versioning and transcoding. Descriptive metadata about assets is encoded in an RDF data model, which allows search via traditional form interfaces or with multi-facet search, which narrows down big results sets step-by-step. Contextual metadata about assets is encoded in the same RDF data model, which allows discovering relationships between objects such as layout files and its individual components.

Content objects can be easily annotated and described using classification schemes, which can be created in-house or be based on shared taxonomies. These can be built using semantic technologies such as Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS).

Relationships between concepts can be utilized when querying the assets. Digital Asset Management promotes use of data-driven user interfaces. That means that any runtime changes to the underlying ontology will have an immediate effect in annotation and query interfaces of the application.

This application provides several protocols for automated content entry. These protocols are file system level input, FTP protocol, HTTP protocol and SOAP with attachments. Naturally users can upload individual, zipped or multiple selected files at a time to the application with their Web browser. Following the upload metadata extraction from the files takes place with support of industry standards such as IPTC and XMP.

Sense Digital Asset Management transcoding capabilities allow document and image format conversions to provide previews in a Web environment.

Deployment options for Profium Sense DAM are to either use a cloud based solution secured with advanced hardening options or deployed to your own IT infrastructure.

Read about our references for digital contract management and digital archiving are e.g. Citycon Rapala VMC ,  Warner Music Finland and City of Espoo

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