Profium Sense

Profium Sense™ creates new digital content services from high volumes of data aggregated from various sources. It improves Profium’s customers business with real-time context-awareness.

Profium Sense is:

  • A NoSQL in-memory graph database
  • Patented Rule Engine optimized for real-time operations

Sense constantly monitors and gathers data from heterogeneous sources such as news feeds, CRM, IoT, Open and Big Data. The data then becomes interlinked with the help of semantic technologies and robust Artificial Intelligence algorithms. This approach gives real-time access to the data and allows users to make smarter decisions and create new information.

We have packaged Sense in four pre-configured application areas:

  • Semantic Search
  • Situation Awareness
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Context-Aware Services 

Sense applications are based on rules, which can be modified at run-time.

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Semantic Search

Profium Semantic Search goes beyond keywords by understanding the user’s intent and context to help you make better decisions and automate routines.

Situation Awareness

Profium Sense™ Situation Awareness promotes better decision-making based on semantic enrichment.

Digital Asset Management

Sense provides easy and secure way to manage your digital assets. Profium Sense™ Digital Asset Management application lets you find, share and use different types of content easily.

Context Aware Services

Profium Sense™ Context Aware Services application is the smartest way to provide better services based on location, need and intent.