Do you need to classify non-structured natural language text or structured text into categories where you are in control of the categories? Or do you need to classify content to categories managed by 3rd parties?

Profium Classification solution brings you a configurable, reliable and very fast classification engine you can rely on. Its configuration does not require programming skills and you can easily make changes when you like without suffering from lengthy delays often associated in deploying new software releases with new features.

Technology of Classification

Profium Classification builds on two important elements: 1st element is the ontologies that describe concepts in natural language and which the solution uses backwards i.e. finds matches in the natural language level and gives candidate concept associations to your content. The 2nd element is a rule engine which you configure using a graphical tool and which allows you to construct logical decision trees. These trees allow you to check existence text primitives in natural language on sentence, paragraph and text body levels and use metadata properties possibly available in the structured parts of your business data.

As long as you are able to send your content in JSON payload using HTTPS protocol, you can expect to get classifications back in easily processable JSON format.