Context aware services

Do you need to improve your digital services to serve your customers better based on the customers interests and location? Profium Sense™ Context Aware Services solution is the smartest way to provide such digital services with precision.

Profium’s Context Aware Services is the simplest and most effective service in mobile environments where there is a clear and a predictable need for the end user. For example, Profium’s solution may alert a user about is a high risk of pollen exposure on their children’s way to school. In business environments the context can be established from data which is scattered in several applications such as CRM and claims applications. Here the solution can help in fraud detection where rules can signal fraudulant customer behaviour.
Profium’s solution enables great possibilities for contextual marketing. Instead of spam, users get relevant information based on their real-time location and profiled interests. Our reference LUKE, the Natural Resources Institute Finland also uses this solution.

Technology of Context Aware Services

Context Aware Services extends the core capabilities of Profium Sense™ Graph Database with ontologies that allow encoding of user profiles which can be matched with incoming content streams in real-time. This enables proactive information services where the users can be notified of relevant information before they have time to be active information seekers.

Context Aware Services make use of the SPARQL geosemantic extensions available in Profium Sense™ Graph Database for finding information that is close to the user or is close to the user’s points of interest. The internal coordinate system is based on WGS84 and the location data can be populated via WFS-T and server via WFS interfaces to other GIS systems. Other coordinate reference systems (CRS) are available via on-the-fly transformations.