Technologies, standards and concepts related to Profium products

On this page you will find links to some key technologies and concepts that are implemented in Profium Sense™ products and applications. 

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Context Aware Services extends the core capabilities of Profium Sense with ontologies that allow encoding of user profiles which can be matched with incoming content streams in real-time.

Profium Sense deployment tools use and are capable of Java EE, high availability and scalability.

Profium Sense™ supports Digital Asset Management workflows by allowing users to import content automatically or manually. It extends the capabilities of Sense with digital asset persistency, versioning and transcoding.

A geographic information system (GIS) lets us visualize, analyze, and interpret data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends.The economic and strategic value of GIS is a growing steadily. 

Profium Sense is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered graph database. It provides logic reasoning capabilities which make your data smarter by algorithmically computing new properties to your data. 

With Profium Sense you achieve your business targets faster with features that help you differentiate from traditional relational database powered solutions.


Metadata describes other data. It provides information about a certain item's content. Metadata includes definitions of XMP, IPTC and ONIX.

NewsML is an XML mark-up language designed specifically to represent the structure of multi-media news documents for electronic transmission. In structures the content of a news document and also allows for metadata.

Profium Sense is:

  • A NoSQL in-memory graph database
  • Patented Rule Engine optimized for real-time operations

Profium has harnessed the power of multicast to corporate networks as an efficient protocol to deliver any content, small or large, reliably to thousands of endpoints.

Profium Sense Rule Engine is based on patented algorithm capable of inferencing over high throughput of concurrent inserts and delete operations in parallel, including reasoning over RDF metadata using configurable and dynamically modifiable rule sets and ontologies.

Semantic Search incorporates Profium’s Inference Engine which is based on a patented algorithm that is capable of inferencing over high throughput of concurrent transactions, inserts and delete operations in parallel.

Semantic Search is the technology search engines employ to better understand the context of a search. It is about ordering the web into a coherent flow of information; how topics, themes, ideas, text, video, audio is connected and related to each other.

Profium Sense™ Situation Awareness advanced tools are optimized for modeling business domains, query based analysis of business domain data and sophisticated visualizations for better context and situation awareness.