NewsML is an XML mark-up language by the IPTC designed specifically to represent the structure of multi-media news documents for electronic transmission. In addition to structuring the main content of a news document NewsML also allows for metadata about the document.

NewsML metadata may describe the content, specify how to handle and package it, or contain information about the transfer of the document. NewsML also supports Media components of documents such as photos, videos and animations and their respective metadata.

Profium Sense harnesses the power of NewsML to provide content-based routing to leading news agencies. Sense can be configured to accept a wide range of incoming document formats which are internally normalized to NewsML and enriched with metadata. The metadata is then converted to RDF so that the documents can be filtered and queried in a semantic, flexible manner.

The routing of documents to media consumers, the format they are delivered in (e.g. HTML, NewsML) and the transport mechanism used (e.g. FTP, email) can all be determined dynamically in real-time based on the metadata of the documents and customer configuration. The ultimate result is that the end customer receives the news relevant to them, in the format they desire as soon as the news breaks.

NewsML specifies the structure of news documents defining the elements they contain. IPTC NewsCodesprovide standardized taxonomies or vocabularies for these elements, such as sets of values for geographic locations or topics like sport or health. IPTC NewsCodes are available in RDF format allowing for easy integration with Profium Sense.

The combination of structured NewsML documents, NewsCodes and the powerful RDF-based Sense engine provides a semantic, flexible content-based routing for news providers.