Profium Sense Rule Engine is a proven Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine to evaluate logical rules. It is based on a patented algorithm that is capable of inferencing over high throughput of concurrent inserts and delete operations in parallel. Profium Sense capabilities include reasoning over RDF metadata using configurable and dynamically modifiable rule sets and ontologies.

Inference takes place incrementally and the algorithm is fully bidirectional so frequent updates and rule set changes will not require complete recalculation over large datasets. This unique approach makes it ideal for gigabyte size datasets with frequent updates. Reasoning algorithm takes place as forward chaining inference where all inferred metadata is materialized during insertion time, making no performance implications to information retrieval or query processing.

Rule Engine supports custom rules as well as rule standards such as RDF Schema (RDFS) and Web Ontology Language (OWL) . Using ontologies it is possible to enrich the metadata with for example equality expressions and cardinality restrictions.

Expression power of custom rules include not only trivial data transformations and combinations, but also complex filtering using built-in comparison operators for numerics and dates, geographical and distance matching, text and regular expression matching and user-defined functions using JavaScript.

Profium Sense Rule Engine can be run against all incoming metadata as well as independently for smaller datasets with their own rule sets.


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