Our technology creates a world in which your systems will anticipate and understand the needs of your customer.

Profium Sense™ uses Semantics and Artificial Intelligence to enable you to make better decisions and automate routines. Profium technology refines data into critical information in real time.  You can convert ambient data into the organized information that will propel your business to the next level. Our technology understands context, derives intent and separates signal from noise. We help our customers build their digital services using our robust Rule Engine and the Artificial Intelligence of Sense.

We at Profium are passionate about our groundbreaking technology. We expect our customers to be as passionate about their business. Together we can break the current mold of business intelligence and go to the next level.

The necessary information at the right time

The amount of accessible information in corporate networks and the Internet is constantly increasing. Our time to make sense of it all is not enough. How can you make sure you receive the most relevant information from the networks?

In order to make better informed decisions, computers must provide us with better information. We at Profium believe Semantic Technologies is the key to making the necessary information available for us at the right time.

Since its founding 1996, Profium has worked towards a goal where business value is generated with software products which consolidate and link data from real-time sources.

At Profium we continue improving semantic technologies in our products. Profium continues to develop the specification and implementation of semantic technology standards.

Proactive knowledge and genuine benefits

What does Big Data mean, actually? Does more Information mean more grief or possibilities?

For us, Big Data means greater amounts of data, more complexity and harder analysis and handling of it. Big Data is also a big business opportunity. Semantic capabilities offer enormous commercial opportunities to enterprises with their growing information assets.

In the public sector business rules and ontologies are different and the impact can be lifesaving by making sense of all relevant information. Individual users can benefit from increased quality of life when the right information is served to them proactively.

Proactive service design requires customer centric thinking and deep understanding of end-customer’s needs. Our customers are strategic partners to us and we work in close cooperation with them.

How would you like to apply the fundamental importance of information?

The core of our product portfolio is Profium Sense. The capabilities of Sense are shared by our four solution areas. These capabilities in our products will help our current and future customers.

We adopt the latest technologies and integrate them into our software. This is the essence of Profium’s way of working. We are proud of our knowledge of semantic web and related technologies such as RDF, OWL, SPARQL and GIS.

Being a customer oriented company, we strive to anticipate our customers’ emerging needs and create solutions to help them. We are constantly busy exploring new technologies and understanding how they can be used for our customer’s benefit.

As an active member of the W3C, IPTC and Spectrum Profium plays a constructive role in developing new standards for semantic technology.

Profium is actively looking for new partners, business and investment opportunities. Sense is also available under an OEM license.

You may download Profium logo package here.