Multicast Delivery

Do you wish to make efficient use of your network by delivering your content once instead of sending files to thousands of recipients separately? Do you wish to push your content to clients instead of waiting for your clients to come and pull relevant content when they need it?

Profium has harnessed the power of multicast to corporate networks as an efficient protocol to deliver any content – small or large – reliably to thousands of endpoints.

This implementation relies on the UDP protocol and its routing using the Source Specific Multicast (SSM) address space. The nature of UDP doesn’t provide any reliability which is why Profium’s implementation has an additional communication layer on top of UDP for sequencing of fragmented content items. Any client receiving SSM traffic can then notice if something is missing and request – given configurable options – retransmission of any missed items. Generally, this approach is known as Negative Acknowledgement (NACK).

The Profium implementation also provides capabilities to repeat SSM traffic via TCP in local network segments. This allows, for example, WLAN connected clients to receive the multicast traffic which they would otherwise lose as the radio interface allows writing to a single client at a time.