Enrich your data

Profium provides you with software products and solutions that help you enrich, find and manage your information assets.


Solutions for public sector

Profium helps government stakeholders to manage their information assets taking both the regulatory requirements as well as organisational efficiency requirements into account.

Solutions for corporations

Would you like your data silos be connected and organized into an enterprise knowledge graph which you can use to your employees’ and customers’ benefit? Would you like the data models of your silos be manageable and queryable via one solution?

Solutions for media & entertainment

Profium products and solutions help media brands manage their digital assets at ingest, archive, use and distribution in new B2B and B2C services.

Solutions for public safety

Profium helps public safety market with solutions that help manage heterogenous information from sources you previously managed with several applications and you formed the big picture in your head. Profium solutions presents the information in a context automatically by linking the all data elements together which you need to make informed decisions.

Solutions for museums

Are you looking for a modern web based collection management system that helps you easily ingest, modify and manage the entire life-cycle of your digital or physical objects? Profium’s solutions help you focus on the work you know best and let software help you find and serve the information to all stakeholders.


Profium products help you manage your information assets with a graph database backend which is also available as a developer product with rich APIs.

Profium Sense™

Graph Database

Profium Sense™ Graph Database is a native semantic data repository that allows you to manage highly connected datasets with open industry standards RDF and SPARQL. You can configure the database with your own ontologies and make use of a very efficient query evaluator which meets with your enterprise criteria for performance, reliability and deployment to both on-premise and cloud environments.

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Profium Sense™

Digital Asset Management

Profium Sense ™ Digital Asset Management is an easy-to-use DAM system which allows your organization to organize, find and share assets in a secure fashion.

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Profium Sense™

Collection Management

Profium develops an easy-to-use cloud-based Profium Sense™ Collection Management system for museums, trusts, foundations and memory institutions. Profium has operated for over two decades in close collaboration with museums to ensure that the system fulfills requirements in the future as well.

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