MEET THE PEOPLE – our newest employee, Lasse Lindqvist

Lasse ulkoilemassa kaunis luontomaisema ja järvi takana.

Introducing our newest addition to the team and a reinforcement for our sales team, Lasse Lindqvist. Lasse brings with him a positive attitude and immense passion for sales.

“Lasse’s strong experience in sales, procurement, and customer service makes him an excellent addition to our team,” Profium’s CEO Janne Saarela, says.


What sparked your interest in this role?

“The IT industry is entirely new to me. It was a challenge to step into something different and entirely new. I felt that this was an intriguing opportunity. Profium, as a company, was already familiar to me, and I knew that things had been done successfully for a long time. However, I found the role and expectations to be somewhat similar to what I’ve done in the past, which also piqued my interest in understanding how things work in the IT field. Learning something new always keeps the interest alive, and in this case, it felt like we could certainly achieve good things. Thank you, Janne Saarela, for the opportunity and the trust in me.”



Lasse is eagerly looking forward to sales meetings and customer interactions. His current goal is to learn the company’s operational procedures. In sales, the objectives are clear, and his personal goal is to assist in their successful achievement.

“I also believe that the goal is to understand customers better. I’ve already had the chance to get to know my colleagues to some extent, and the reception has been warm. That’s a good starting point for collaboration,” Lasse tells, as he talks about his goals at Profium.

Lasse leads an active life, balancing work with his own activities and those of his three children. In his free time, Lasse trains in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a martial art developed from judo, which also incorporates elements from wrestling. The sport has its unique features, and the rules in competitions are different from those mentioned earlier. It is physically demanding, and when you dare to compete, it challenges you mentally as well. Progress in the sport is a lengthy process, and there is always room for improvement.



… and one can always improve in the working role and as a team member, as well.

Lasse considers himself highly adaptable to different situations, which is beneficial in identifying customer needs. Good communication skills are always helpful in sales.

“An open mind and the courage to try new methods are things one should remind oneself of occasionally, so as not to get stuck doing the same things. After that, you must think and clarify where you want to focus. Ultimately, it will turn out well,” he believes.

In Lasse’s opinion, an open and communicative environment is crucial for teamwork. When setting goals together as openly as possible, a sense of shared responsibility is created. Celebrating successes is more enjoyable when everyone has worked together towards a common goal.


What is the dream project you would like to participate in someday in the future?

“Immediately, I think of solving the problems of a large global company. It may sound cliché, but I’m interested in how things are done elsewhere. Just the processes in sales and different work cultures in different countries are intriguing.”


Can you share an unexpected fact about yourself?

“I surprised myself when I started taking ice baths. I’ve always thought that cold water wasn’t my thing, that ice swimming is difficult, and that my tolerance for cold is low. It all depends on how regularly you do it,” Lasse explains.



Thank you for the interview and welcome to Profium, Lasse. We are confident that you will bring valuable contributions to our team. We hope you enjoy your work here and feel welcome!