Content-Based Routing

Would you like to deliver your digital content to various B2B and B2C services in different formats and sizes using different protocols your customers would like to use?

We help you deliver your content to your stakeholders which is according to their interests, packing and delivery. We have a proven track record of delivering content via e.g. SFTP, satellites, to APIs such as Apple news and Scribblelive and Google’s fact check tool.

Customer profile management

As your customers and stakeholders all have their own interests, Profium solution provides a way to accurately express their interests. Profium’s solution provides a graphical user interface for editing rules that express customer profiles. These rules make sure correct information flows to correct audience.

Reliability and scalability

If you deliver high-value content to your customers, you wish to do so in a secure and reliable way. Profium’s solution allows secure delivery of content reliably to all your customers or partner servers. Reliability is guaranteed with message queues and high-availability architecture of the deployment either in your own IT infrastructure or in the cloud of your choice.

Multicast support

If you wish to deliver your content more efficiently in your network, multicast is optimal as any content object is only sent once to hundreds or thousands of receivers. Profium’s solution also support reliable multicast inspired by the Negative-Oriented Reliable Multicast (NORM) specification. Object size plays no role, you can use multicast for small text articles, high resolution images or video streams you wish to ship to your video player environments be they in hotels or planes or workstations.