Profium Sense™

Profium Sense™ products have been developed for organisations who need to manage content which is highly linked or would benefit if it was linked. Profium can help you make manage such information and enrich assets which need to be linked or provided via search your current search solutions cannot do. You will find more information about these products below.

Profium Sense™

Graph Database

Profium Sense ™ Graph Database is a native semantic data repository that allows you to manage highly connected datasets with open industry standards RDF and SPARQL. You can configure the database with your own ontologies and make use of a very efficient query evaluator which meets with your enterprise criteria for performance, reliability and deployment to both on-premise and cloud environments.

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Profium Sense™

Digital Asset Management

Profium Sense ™ Digital Asset Management is an easy-to-use DAM system which allows your organization to archive, organize, find and share assets in a secure fashion.

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Profium Sense™

Collection Management

Profium Sense Collection Management is based on semantic Digital Asset Management. It’s used in large museums and many other organisations to manage photo archives, collections of objects, document archives and cultural protected site. Profium is Collections Trust Spectrum Partner so Collection Management supports Spectrum standard.

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