Profium Sense™ Collection Management

Profium develops an easy-to-use cloud-based Profium Sense™ Collection Management system for museums, trusts, foundations and memory institutions. We have operated for over two decades in close collaboration with museums to ensure that the system fulfills requirements in the future as well. The features of this system are available for you quickly as it is provided as a Software as a Services (Saas) model from a secure hosting facility and can be access with your current personal computers without need for any hardware investments.

Spectrum compatible, scalable solution with web based user interface

Spectrum compatible Sense™ Collection Management system is a scalable solution for small to large institutions. Besides the innovative solution Profium offers training and ongoing technical support for its clients to get the best out of their collections.

Profium Sense™ Collection Management has a user-friendly Web interface that intensifies memory organisations work. It also allows different users to search and share content of new items. Collection Management offers connected and concerted cataloguing- and storage solution to photos, objects, and cultural environment. Role-based control of rights also enables cooperation between different museums.

Sense’s content management workflow supports importing content both automatically and manually. Customer’s own or industry-specific concepts or general standards can be used to describe the content. Technical metadata is automatically collected from images imported into the system. Number of save fields and content of save fields is defined on a per-customer basis and can be easily mass edited.

Configurable to meet customer needs

Different views define which metadata fields are shown for different user groups. The view can also be adjusted by user-specific choice and presentation as well. Search results can be observed in different views and organised by users needs.

Photos that are classified as public can be shown in open websites and clients can order, buy, and pay photos via website as well.

Profium Sense™ Collection management can integrate different ontologies with sub-concept (e.g., Finto-ontologiapalvelu/YSO/ONKI) to facilitate and harmonise cataloguing and effective searches.

Conservation and stages of exhibition lending are very manageable as well.

We have implanted electronic signature to Profium Sense™ Collection management.

Flexible collection management with role and group based access

Thanks to the hierarchical folder structure, the museum can easily create, group, and manage different collection items and material types (photos, objects, art pieces, videos, cultural environment). Folder levels can be smoothly assigned permissions per role and user group. New user groups can be created freely for different working needs.

Consortium between multiple museums with same interface is possible. Smaller local museum can this way as a member of Museum centre control its own object and photo collections according to its own working methods and define which items are appear in common system search and views.

Profium has 20 years of experience in various migrations of archive materials an in managing and converting various file formats. Sense software takes into account both international and nation specificities in data management and standard solutions.


Profium Sense™ Collection Management offers multiple interfaces for data and content transfer and for automated processes. In addition to the web based interface, information can be edited and published using multiple interfaces. OAI-PMH (Open archive Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting) interface is used to harvest data. Interface enables collection of data to Europeana type of services.

Web Feature Service interface (WFS-T) supports transactions and enables geographic information of cultural environment items to be modified in the GIS spatial data system products. Profium Sense™ enables the efficient use of SPARQL query language in the processing of semantic data.

Profium Sense™ Collection Management has an optional feature for the Finnish register of ancient monuments.

The metadata of IPTC or XMP files is automatically recovered and can be saved for later use. If necessary, routing and processing of files can be controlled by semantic abilities. The data structure is described using RDF schemas/OWL ontologies, objects are identified with an URI, and schemas are created based on museum needs and their own specifications.

Data can be imported into the system (and exported) flexibly, e.g., in CSV and xml formats.

Museums using Profium Sense™ Collection Management include: CITY OF TAMPERE,   Cultural environment information system for Kanta-Häme