Situation Awareness

Looking for ways to speed up your responsiveness and decision-making ability? Searching for tools to better understand how things relate to each other and what events might lead to in the future?

The Profium Sense™ Situational Awareness solution connects your (open) data sources, monitors and visualizes the overall situation, enables comprehensive and efficient situational awareness, provides informed and analytical decision-making tools, and thus enables faster responsiveness even to unexpected events in your business area.

Examples of utilizing situational awareness include e.g. a logistics company that monitors real-time traffic and weather data to ensure transportation and logistics; and a maintenance company that monitors the condition of equipment relative to the availability of maintenance parts and repair resources.

Technology of Situation Awareness

Profium Sense™ Situation Awareness consists of advanced semantic technology based tools for modeling even the most complex business domains. These advanced tools are optimized for modeling business domains, query based analysis of business domain data, and several sophisticated visualizations for better business context and situation awareness.

These tools make use of OWL2 RL ontologies, rules with horn clause expressivity, and highly parallel execution architecture. Sense™ Situation Awareness includes leading GIS features and technologies like geosemantic queries, GML, WFS, GPS positioning, and SIM tracking.