Contract Management

Are you struggling to make sure access to various types of contracts is not controlled by human resources but rather with an understandable access control in Web based solution? Are you struggling to find a solution where the search of the contracts is supported with your business specific terms in addition to the natural language expression used in the contracts?

Profium’s Contract Management solution has been developed for organisations who wish to have good control as to who can access what and quickly find the contracts they need.

Efficient and secure Contract Management

Contracts are an important asset in your organisation and they should be managed with the scrutiny they deserve. Some contracts should be available for all users wherever they happen to work 24/7 but some contracts may only be accessible to some parts of your organisation and access control needs to be set up properly.

Profium Sense™ Graph Database based contract archive

Profium Sense™ Graph Database based Contract Management solution archive provides a central repository for your contracts where your entire organisation or just selected parts of it may have access to. The archive supports typical office formats and sets no limits on the supported file types which means contract appendixes may be e.g. in the form of drawings or images.

Efficient search

Our solution helps you find contracts very quickly using contract parties or contract types as search criteria. In addition, the search can operate in on the textual content of the contracts. Profium’s full-text index supports stemming of the words to make it easy to find the required words in contracts no matter what their original inflected form was. The metadata model can be tailored to your organisation needs to reflect, for example, your organisation structure or the types of services and products you sell or buy.

Flexible access control

Profium solution allows you to construct a hierarchy similarly to a shared file system structure. However, the parts of that tree can be access controlled so that some users may see other sections of the folder tree which others don’t. Viewing objects is associated with read access rights which allow browsing and searching for contracts. Write access rights on the other hand allow contract metadata and contract files to be added or removed.

Automated reminders

If you wish to be notified when a contract can be renewed or cancelled, Profium solution will send responsible contract owners a notification about the important dates.

Digital signatures

Profium’ Contract Management solution is integrated with Telia Sign service to allow paperless signature workflows where the final digitally signed document automatically enters the correct location in your installation.

Workflow support

Profium professional services will help you configure a tailored workflow if you wish contract drafts to be reviewed by other users before can be signed. These workflows can have parallel or serial steps inside your organisation.

Quick deployment via SaaS or on-premise model

Our product based approach and productised delivery project allow you to get our solution benefits very quickly. Profium Sense™ can be deployed securely both to cloud using Amazon AWS or to your on-premise environment (dedicated or virtualised server) on CIS hardened RHEL8 environments.

User identities and Single Sign-on (SSO)

Profium Sense™ Contract Management solution supports the following authentication options:

  • Local user database
  • Remote user database via LDAP protocol (Microsoft AD)
  • Remote identity provider (IdP) with SAML protocol (Azure AD)

Migrations, conversions and integrations

If you wish to migrate from another system to Profium Sense™ Contract Management, we help in this process by providing an API based on open standards which allows you to develop a script which sends both the files and their metadata to Profium.

Profium can perform conversion of files to, for example, PDF or PDF/A format either at ingest time or when user requests those transformations from the user interface. Profium also has capability to transform images to other formats and to generate previews of contracts or their attachments to help select right contracts when you need them.

Integrations to other systems can be implemented with Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) type of products or via message queues such as Kafka. If you wish content is stored in your own S3 bucket, this integration is also supported.


  • Web based application with a responsive UI
  • Metadata models complement full-text search capability
  • Mass editing functionality makes it easy to edit several contracts at a time
  • Automated reminders about contract ends to responsible parties
  • Configurable workflow support
  • Integration with digital signing
  • Support for open standards both in file formats and protocols
  • Role based access control for objects, metadata properties and groups of objects
  • GDPR support for auditing content access and modifications
  • Secure deployment to cloud or to on-premise environments
  • AI support for automated contract classification

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