Meet the people – Sini

Our company employs 23 people in various positions. Our offices are located in four different locations, Espoo, Mikkeli, Tampere and Dublin, Ireland. Meet our project assistant, Sini Pääkkönen.


Work tasks and the opportunity to influence

Sini has worked at Profium for two years. In fact, on May 17, 2023, it was exactly two years since she started at the company. Sini’s workplace is at the office in Mikkeli, but she also handles tasks of the Espoo office. The work includes e.g. sales invoicing, travel arrangements, attending meetings and managing various documents.

“I try to make sure that everyday life in the office is smooth and that there is always coffee in the cupboard. I would say that my job  is a combination of controller and project & management assistant. I have completed a degree in business administration and previously worked for eight years in the real estate industry as an assistant. At the beginning of the year, I completed a digitization master’s training, which focused especially on the planning and management of digitization projects,” Sini tells us.

She feels that she has the opportunity to organize the work as she sees fit, even though she is responsible for sales invoicing, for which the work is precisely scheduled. In fact, she likes the fact, that there’s a certain kind of routine that repeats itself.  Anyway, every week is different in some way and she gets to do versatile tasks, which she enjoys.



“We have a good working atmosphere and it’s nice to come to work”

Get to know us - project assistant Sini Pääkkönen

Sini finds meaningful tasks, clear goals and the opportunity to develop and learn new things to be important and motivating. A functional and encouraging working community is also an important motivator for her. She thinks the working atmosphere is good and it’s nice to come to work.

New employees  & cooperation across office boundaries

“A new employee is immediately accepted as part of the work community. I get to guide new employees; showing them how we operate, giving security information etc. This way I also have the opportunity to get to know them better, even though we won’t be doing the same work.

I’m happy to help others to the best of my ability. Advice and help is always available from others when asked for,” Sini says.


 “It’s always nice and easy to cooperate with Sini, even if our workplaces are not located in the same city,” Henna Lehtinen, responsible for sales , from the Espoo office, says.

As a woman in the male-dominated technology industry 

Sini finds the work environment to be calm and business-like. If she wants, she can work undisturbed and without interruptions, but she can also easily exchange ideas with colleagues at the office. “My job is different from my other closest colleagues, because they are all software developers. There are a total of eight of us here in Mikkeli, I am the only woman. I feel that I am an equal member of the work community, regardless of my gender,” Sini says.

Sini encourages any hesitant woman looking for a job in the tech industry to boldly apply. The work requires problem-solving ability, and in Sini’s opinion, women have that naturally. Viewed from the side, the work of a software engineer seems to be versatile and interesting with good employment and career opportunities.

Work-life balance

Flexible working hours make it easier to manage and plan everyday life. Sini currently works 80% of the working time while her daughter is in second grade. Her wishes have been well listened to. She has been able to fit work and family life into a working combo. In her spare time, Sini is very active and enjoys various forms of exercise. “Activities in nature is our family’s shared hobby, I miss it especially after working all day in front of the screen. I’m also interested in traveling and getting to know different cultures,” she tells us.

If Sini could choose any superpower for herself, she would want to be able to teleport herself anywhere and anytime. This would especially help in the busy everyday life – and of course also at work. “I could easily move from one office to another. When the longing for a vacation strikes again, I would teleport myself to the other side of the globe, to a sandy beach.”

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