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Profium’s applications are used across a wide range of businesses. Our customers are typically organizations that want to compete by attracting new customers with new services or serve their current customers or users better.

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AFP – AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE News Agency uses Profium’s Content-Based Routing solution to manage their global news distribution to B2B customers over the Internet and satellite. Profium’s solution computes additional metadata to the descriptions created by journalists to enable sales of new content products to existing and new customers. Profium Sense™ matches published news against customer […]

Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, who is responsible for developing and maintaining the state-owned road network, the railways and the waterways, chose Telia Archive service.   Finnish law governs The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, when it comes to implementing digital archiving and processes that ensure access control and eventual disposal of some of the materials. […]

Cultural environment information system for Kanta-Häme

Hämeenlinna City Museum – Kanta-Häme’s regionally responsible museum was looking for a cultural environment information system. One that would contain up-to-date information about built environment, cultural landscape and archaeological cultural heritage of the area. They chose Profium as the provider of the SaaS service. Profium has a proven track record with similar cloud based solutions. […]


Rapala VMC Corporation is one of the biggest players in global fishing lure market. The group has the biggest distribution network, global production resources and the most wanted brands. Profium’s Contract Management  solution was installed early 2016 to production for Rapala VMC Corporation’s global use. The semantic data model used by the solution allows addition […]


Warner Music International Warner Music International is Warner Music Group’s music division, which operates in over 70 countries. Warner music Finland Ltd represents the company’s international publications in Finland and is responsible for domestic production and artistic development. Warner Music Finland Ltd’s premises caught fire and suffered from smoke damage in August 2008. Critical business documents […]


The Natural Resources Institute Finland uses Profium’s Context Aware Services solution to inform farmers proactively about pests and suitable pestisides. This makes the farmers’ life easier. The service determines who to inform in case new information becomes available by pushing the information to farmers’ mobile phones. Researchers and specialists working in The Natural Resources Institute […]


Profium delivers semantic search engine, artificial intelligence and rule engine to enrich digital services. The Finnish Digital and population data services agency has signed a contract with Profium Oy to use Profium Sense™ software in order to improve the searchability of the services offered via The National Architecture for Digital Services programme with a semantic ontology model. “Global search engines have […]


The Poikilo Museums introduce their visitors to the diverse history of the Kouvola region. The collections of the Poikilo Museums contain about 130,000 photographs and negatives, 35,000 artifacts and 2,500 works of art. During 2021, the Profium Sense™ Collection Management system was introduced for photographs and objects, the metadata model of which complies with the […]


A collection management system shared by the Kymenlaakso Museum, the Museums of the City of Hamina and the Museums of Miehikkälä as a SaaS-service In 2021, museums applied for a system to be delivered on a turnkey basis, which is a ready-made software for production and chose Profium SenseTM Collection Management system as a SaaS […]


The North Karelia Museum and the Outokumpu Mining Museum have adapted Profium SenseTM Collection Management in spring 2021. The Collection Management system was named Kokko, and it is delivered to museums effortlessly with the Saas model, leaving all technical maintenance to Profium. Profium SenseTM Collection Management metadata model for all data complies with the National […]


Serving as a regional museum of responsibility, The Vaasa City Museums have chosen versatile and easy to use Profium SenseTM Collection Management system. Because the City of Vaasa and several towns around it are bilingual, system must work both in Finnish and Swedish. The Collection Management system manages and maintains materials and related metadata from […]


Tuomi Logistiikka Ltd (Tuomi logistics) is a joint procurement and logistics company from Pirkanmaa. Tuomi logistiikka Ltd offers its owner-customers a wide range of high-quality and most cost-effective procurement, material, transport and passenger services.   The company uses Profium’s electronic browser-based archiving system to manage all documentation throughout the entire life cycle, from storage to […]


Visual collections generated from the activities of Aalto University and its predecessors are being digitised and catalogued into a image and media database (Raami), which is based on Profium Sense DAM. It is organized and maintained by Aalto University Library and Archive Services. The collections contain original illustrations and drawings by students from early 20th century onwards. […]


Museum Centre Vapriikki of the City of Tampere houses collections of several specialized museums with more than 300.000 objects. The Collection Management System, called Siiri, is based on Profium Sense Collection Management. Siiri is shared with Pirkanmaa Provincial Museum, which specializes particularly in the maintenance of cultural environments. The Cultural Environment Unit of the Provincial Museum uses Profium Sense […]


Vantaa City Museum collects objects related to the past and present of Vantaa. It studies and maintains records, items and photo-archive of the history and cultural heritage of Vantaa. The museum has about 20.000 items on its collection and the photographic archive contains 80.000 images about the development of Vantaa since the end of 1800. Profium provides their Collection Management […]


Espoo City Museum studies and maintains records of the history and cultural heritage of Espoo, the second largest city of Finland. Several specialized museums are included in the Espoo Museum family. The museum has more than 40.000 items on its collection and the photographic archives contain nearly 100.000 images about the development of Espoo. Profium provides The […]


Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI (used to be The Finnish National Board of Education, FNBE) is the national agency subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Culture. The EDUFI has a wide range of tasks related to the development of education all through pre-primary and basic education, general upper secondary education, vocational education and training, formal adult […]


The digital collection management provided by Profium, has a key role in organizing the cultural heritage item collections, photo archives and library of the the Riisa museum, which is one of the most notable Orthodox church museums in Europe. Profium Digital Asset Management provides a uniform and centralised solution for storing and organizing the management of the collections. The semantic data structure is configured using RDF schemas.