The North Karelia Museum and the Outokumpu Mining Museum have adapted Profium SenseTM Collection Management in spring 2021. The Collection Management system was named Kokko, and it is delivered to museums effortlessly with the Saas model, leaving all technical maintenance to Profium. Profium SenseTM Collection Management metadata model for all data complies with the National Board of Antiquities’ Cataloguing Guidelines (SPECTRUM Standard), which ensures pan-European compatibility for listed items. The system links to Finna, a common database of museums and enables easy export of exhibition object data there. The system also supports ontologies in both enumeration and searches, and now there is a service KOKO ontology attached to Kokko.

Profium’s new Collection Management system is a significant improvement on the previous one, “its introduction has significantly accelerated, facilitated and simplified cataloguing compared to the previous collection management system” says Erkki Matikainen, Amanuensis. Profium continuously develops its Collection Management system and is committed to providing end users the easiest and most time saving tool possible. The system currently has about 80 000 exhibition objects and the number is growing all the time.

The North Karelia Museum was founded in 1917 to record the cultural history of the province.Today, the North Karelia Museums is a provincial museum whose mission is not only to record the cultural history of the whole province, but also to record the cultural history of the entireprovince and to advise local museums. As a provincial museum, the North Karelia Museum supports and guides local museums, which can easily join Kokko and start using it.