Semantic Search

Are you looking ways to improve your customers’ or employees’ search capabilities in your digital services? Have you experienced the limits of keyword based search?

Profium Semantic Search goes beyond keywords by understanding the user’s intent and context to help you make better decisions and automate routines.

Our Semantic Search generates relevant results compared to traditional searches. Semantic Search takes into account the context of search, location and the intent of queries to provide relevant search results. A built in monitoring feature will detect new results and alert users. Profium’s technology refines data into critical information in real time.

Natural language can be ambiguous, but Profium’s Semantic Search exposes the meaning behind the words. Rather than using ranking algorithms to predict relevancy, Semantic Search uses meanings to produce highly relevant search results. It provides you with instant answers to complex questions based on data gathered about users, metadata and other relevant information about your business domain. It helps you find the content you need reliably and quickly.

Technology of Semantic Search

Semantic Search incorporates Profium’s Rule Engine which is based on patented algorithm that is capable of inferencing new natural-language independent concepts from your information assets and enriching the search both with these concepts and relationships that exist between these concepts.

Semantic search will also promote concepts to your users which are guaranteed to provide search results and naturally provide the failing search concepts as new candidates to your own search ontology.