Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered graph computing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered graph computing and semantic big data

In the era of ‘big data’ software systems are commonly dealing with large amounts of complex data which may be generated by a diverse range of sources. Conventional relational databases require specifying the structure of the data up-front, and the complexity of the database design rapidly increases with the complexity of the relationships between concepts in the data. Alternatively, a graph database can come closer to modeling the real-life relationships between data and represent data in a structure that more closely models real world relationships between concepts. Profium Sense, a NoSQL in-memory graph database and Rule Engine, processes real-time flows of data, and offers rule-based inferencing and Semantic AI for real time content distribution.

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Graph evolution - graph databases - software development

Graph evolution from the 90s

“I have seen approaches such as deductive databases where the graph can be modelled as a logic program using binary relationships, I’ve seen topic map implementations, I’ve seen proprietary implementations and I’ve guided myself a semantic web based graph database implementation at Profium.”

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aviation rules - map - GPS based RNAV

Rules from regulations

Rule-based systems such as Profium Sense get their rules from users who understand a business domain well enough to put some of the human intelligence in form that is understood by computers. Sometimes these rules come from years of experience and allow a business to excel against competition. Sometimes these rules come from the business environment in the […]

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