Artificial Intelligence Conference in New York 2018

The AI Conference is where cutting-edge science meets new business implementation. It’s a deep dive into emerging AI techniques and technologies with a focus on how to use it in real-world implementations.

The AI Conference in New York will give you a solid understanding of the latest breakthroughs and best practices in AI for business. You’ll get insider information on any aspect of AI you may be working on including:

  • AI in the enterprise: executive briefings, case studies and use cases, productization, security, conversational interfaces, industry-specific applications
  • Implementing AI projects: applications, tools, architecture, security
  • The impact of AI on business and society: automation, AI explainability and trust, privacy, regulation
  • Interacting with AI: design, metrics, product management, bots
  • Models and methods: reinforcement learning, algorithms, vision/speech/emotion, deep learning, training, generative adversarial networks (GAN), natural language processing (NLP)

You may also participate in AI training courses April 29-30.

You can meet Profium 1.-2. May 2018 in the Exhibit Hall, booth number 21, at Artificial Intelligence Exhibitor Resource Center, New York Hilton Midtown.
Schedule a meeting beforehand!

We are presenting Profium Sense – an Artificial Intelligence platform and native Graph Database. Sense includes rule based inference engine especially developed for real-time operations, e.g. situational awareness and contextual services.

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