Profium CEO Janne Saarela speaks at AI & Digital Business Nordic event on 14. November 2018 in Helsinki.

His topic is “Symbolic AI today – With availability of deep learning hardware and software many users are asking why AI recommended a product or why it came to a certain conclusion. There are many domains where symbolic AI is a good assistant for human users.”

At the epicenter of technological change, AI & Digital Business 2018 provides a chance for all the players in the industry to learn, network, and share insight on how to stay ahead. 

AI Nordic event Helsinki: Agenda – Speakers – Tickets

Some topics of the event:

  • Five Management Strategies for getting the most of AI
  • Transforming industrial companies with artificial intelligence
  • The digital leap – realising greater efficiencies by merging the real and virtual worlds
  • AI from leadership perspective – how to lead the emerging business transformation?
  • AI – myths, facts and digital disruption.
  • How do we govern AI? – Legal, regularity and security frameworks and data related risks
  • From Insights to Intelligence to Profits with AI, machine learning, AR/VR/MR/XR
  • Human – Machine collaboration in the future changing the work role
  • Competences, benefits and next big things in AI
  • Moving AI projects from “how” to now
  • Interactive mixed reality arrives

#ainordicAI and Digital Business 2018 Helsinki event