We at Profium are witnessing a trend to migrate applications and services from public clouds to private clouds. There seems to be two major factors behind this trend:

  1. costs of public clouds are not cheaper than running your own IT infrastructure in some cases and
  2. security controls are not to the level of compliance required by some customer segments

There’s no one single recipe for building yourself a new private cloud but it all starts from your organizational control who can access the physical environment and the service environment. Typically you may with to introduce redundancy which allows you to provide your organisation with sufficient SLA. Redundancy at bare minimum might be two servers which run all your services and which can migrate from one server to another should either one be down for a planned or unplanned reason. Let’s not forget these concrete pieces of hardware and their installation and daily operation might require new skills your organization also needs to acquire.

Once you have hardware running, you are likely to make sure the execution environments are hardened to the level you require. This would involve things on the operating system level, services level not forgetting about VPN in your networking to your private cloud from the users who might no longer be at a fixed location. Similarly to public clouds, the end-users do need help in form of training how to securely use the services your provide from your private cloud as well as how to keep their desktop or laptop computers secure from various attacks.

We at Profium have gained experience in running Profium software product based services in private clouds which based both on virtual machines which can migrate to online nodes in a cluster environment and on docker containers which are orchestrated to run on the optimal cluster nodes and to migrate to other nodes when need be.

Get in touch if you plan to build a new private cloud or if you wish to discuss how Profium can provide services in your operational private cloud.